A collection created together with Lázaro Rosa-Violán

This collection is the result of more than a year working together with the prestigious interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán. 15 months of close collaboration in which we have learned and enjoyed the company of this very special and interesting character.

"La Cala" is named after the geographic feature of the Costa Brava, where the designer has just built a small perfect retreat to rest and disconnect. It is an old fishermen's house, on the seafront, which the interior designer has reformed to his liking. A place where the sea is the protagonist and the indigo color becomes the element to create all kinds of rooms and corners in the purest Lázaro’s style.

A collection full of original and striking motifs made up of 10 different fabrics. All of them share a common denominator: the indigo dye, originating from the Far East.
The fabrics of the collection are presented in 3 main colors: indigo (protagonist), terra cottas and stones.
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The coves that inspire the collection

We travel to the coves of the Costa Brava that inspires Lázaro to create this collection. Places with a special charm, where the little white houses mix with boats, rocky sand and sunlight.

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